Twitter gaining popularity for Marketing among promoters

Twitter gaining popularity for Marketing among promoters
Marketing is the way to get ones product known to the end consumer and also
get him to buy it. It includes promotion and to get the end consumer to try the
product. The bottom-line of all marketing campaigns is the return on investment.
A business may want to invest in a campaign or a mode of marketing where the
return is high or maximum. Print media, online media, TV media and lots of other
sources are available for marketer but the one which gives the maximum return
is to be pursued. A business may choose to use the budget in proportions based
on the returns.
Many times, the marketing budget may be tight and the marketer may need to
come up with the most efficient way of marketing, which is light on the pocket.
Marketing on a budget is an art not everyone can master. Promoting products or
services on social media is free provided you have a fan-base of users. Then you
need not advertise anything by paying and can directly communicate them the
message. You need to engage the users on your page by organizing a small event
or any other form of communication. This will ensure that they are hooked on to
your page and the friends of these people will also get to know what is
happening. Many a times, organizing a small meet up of the interested people can
help and is not too expensive.
Engaging on twitter and generating returns is an art. Twitter is source of a lot of
data, which can be analyzed to get useful insights. It is important to know the
twitter marketing tips. By analyzing the data, marketer can identify the activities
which are making an impact and which are not and accordingly make efforts. It is
also important to reply/engage with the right set of users. When you
communicate, you should use @name format so that they are notified about the
tweet. One should also be cautious about the fake profiles and the spammers on
Twitter and should channelize their efforts more towards the relevant and
genuine profiles. Try to find relevant people in terms of experience, industry etc.
so that there is credibility. It is suggested that marketers use Google Keyword
tool to identify the most relevant keywords for your website and then try and
build traffic around that.
Twitter is the platform for getting to know what is trending or going on. People
log into twitter from time to time to check the tweets from everybody and see if
there is anything interesting. It is also like a news center, which provides updates
from all people. It is selective as users can choose whom they want to follow and
gain specific knowledge. If used in the best way, users can get the best results
from twitter. The key is to be yourself, value your customers and keep yourself
updated. Also, if you can analyze data and take informed decisions, that is the key
to success

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