5 Steps to Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are reading this then it can be assumed that you already know the importance
and need of social media marketing in today’s business scenario. So, let’s not discuss
on the ‘Why’ part as to why social media is the most important tool for business, rather
this article will focus on ‘How’ you can design an effective social media marketing
strategy. Now, the how part is not always the easy answer through which you can get to
the point directly but still to put it in simple terms, every small action taken on social
networking sites will come under the larger marketing strategy. Meaning, each like,
comment, reply, and tweet will be planned towards achieving your pre-determined
goals. It may sound and look complicated, but if you plan and take a comprehensive
approach to design a marketing strategy, all your efforts will get channelized naturally.
1. Determine your goals: Not just this strategy, but for any strategy the first step is
setting your goals. To be able to set the goals for your social networking strategy, you
must know all about social media marketing, only then you will be able to fix your
objective. Once the objective is decided, the action plan can be made accordingly.
Remember one thing that your social media goal must align with your broad business
objective. Follow the SMART approach to write your objective. S: Specific M:
Measurable A: attainable R: Relevant, T: Time-Bound.
2. Assess Your current Profile: Next very important step is to evaluate your current
social media standing. This basically includes monitoring your existing connections in
social media, examining which site is most popular amongst your potential market, and
how does your profile looks like compared to competitors. Evaluating these three things
should tell you your existing social media reach. During the process you will get many
clues to design your strategy. It will serve as a route map.
3. Follow competitors or industry leaders: Yes, your customers are there in social
network and so are you but your competitors too have a presence there. Of course, it is
not too comforting except that you can learn a lot from them. Your competitors may be
industry leaders and you can get inspiration from them on managing content and
engaging audience. Don’t be a copycat, rather try to distinguish yourself from others in a
way which can appeal to your market.
4. Design your content strategy and implement: Social media is all about content.
Without good content you aren’t going any further. Work hard on this part and take
professional help for content management. Spending on content is not a cost; it is an
investment which will give great return.
5. Evaluate and follow up: This is the most important part. Once your content strategy
is designed and implemented, evaluate the performance. Study the impact of your new
strategy on social media and business. It may need some changes, if it does then go
ahead and make those adjustments.

Social Media Marketing is not a one-time task it requires consistent efforts to show
results. Make the best use of social media and see the change in your business.

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