5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important for the Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing is one of the highly appreciated techniques of online marketing where the small
business are marketing and giving visibility to their brands, services or products on social media
platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc.
Social media marketing is one of the essential and much needed digital marketing trends among the
small businesses as it is cost-effective and holds the power to reach out to all the targeted audience in a
large number in a minimum time period. And this process yields more sales/leads when compared to
the old conventional marketing methods.
Here is a list of 5 great reasons to show why social media marketing is an essential need.
Social Media is Inexpensive and Effective
Social media marketing is very crucial for the small businesses as with the right social media marketing
strategies; a large number of audiences can be reached in lesser time and with minimum efforts.
According to the recent study by Forbes, 94 percent of the corporates are making use of social media
and around 85 percent of them said that it has given their product and business more exposure.
Branding is Effective on Social Media
Social media marketing is the most trusted tool for small businesses when it comes to branding. As per a
latest research, 83 percent of the customers prefer to connect to the companies through Facebook and
around 53 percent on Twitter.
Customer Acquisition is Easier on Social Media Platforms
With over half of the world’s population that is registered on the social media platforms, the chances of
acquiring targeted customers are fairly high. There are nearly 1.74 billion social media users as per the
eMarketer and the social media platforms play a very important role in acquiring the customers to
Direct Interaction with Customers
With the help of social media, businesses can interact with their customers directly. Small businesses
can attract more customers by engaging them with in several interactive methods like Q&A, Polls etc.
The customers can directly communicate to the businesses and this result in a stronger trust factor
among the two parties.
Generating more Sales/Leads
Social media marketing does wonder when it comes to generating sales and leads. A recent study
proved that social media results in almost double the marketing lead when compared to any other
alternative methodology. When people can communicate directly to the business, the trust grows and
hence they can easily rely on your products and services.

After understanding all these benefits from the social media marketing, many small business now have
increased the investment and also the time they spend on social media marketing. And the businesses
that were active already on these platforms now share better and much useful content on their profiles
to achieve better results and output. It is high time for all the businesses that are looking for branding
and visibility to come online, connect to their customers and make the right use of social media
platforms for their products and services.

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